Floor 2

The second floor is where the residence will be. This will be similar to what you would expect from a 1 bedroom apartment. As with all houses, there will be no telephone jack, but there will be key ethernet jacks located at appropriate places. The apartment will have a kitchen, and ¾ bathroom in the rear of the unit while the living room, and bedroom will be in the front. A corner in the living room will host a space for a corner desk (for a computer), and a printer stand (for the printer). Assuming for this enclosed space, I will continue to have my M1 iMac which is a 24″ screen, and extremely thin. The TV will be new, and support an ethernet connection for the smart TV functions (such as channel guide, and streaming services). The couch I currently own will be replaced with a sleeper sofa for the event that I might have an overnight guest. This hasn’t been the case since the passing of my brother, but nonetheless, it is a just in case.