There are two advantages of this design. The first is obvious (being a garage), and the second is also a disadvantage. However, everything works together relatively well and the house supports the same features as with all houses.

As mentioned, there will be a garage. Since I am just one person, I would only need one automobile. With that in mind, I will have a single car garage, and a charging station in the case I was to get an electric vehicle. The rest of the space will support the services, and utilities in. By having a garage, I can help keep my vehicle safe as it is out of sight, out of mind. Being the house will be on a teritary street, the automobile will be able to exit the garage backwards in relative safety.

The second advantage is the size. The residence will be in an apartment style housing that will sit above the garage. This will allow me to have a good sized 2 bedroom residence. Both bedrooms will be in the rear of the home, and the ¾ bathroom will be in the middle of the backside. This will make managing and caring for the residence easier.