Welcome to the site that will go into detail if I had a garage house. This is basically a garage with an apartment style living above the garage. Needless to say, there isn’t much availability for a basement, so it will just be 2 floors (ground, and floor 2. This house is designed to fit on an average Pittsburgh lot of 25′ wide. This could normally support for 2 cars, but I will have a single car garage, and have resources such as infrastructure to go in the extra space. Since only the second floor is available for living, space has to be optimized to allow for making the most use. In addition, I will be uncomfortable for a car to pull out of a primary, or secondary street. With that in mind, I will only choose this option on a tertiary street.

As with all of the houses I would write about – this house will have spiral stairs, and an elevator. This is to minimize the infrastructural space needed for the house. You can learn about the basics by going to https://fsp.house. This site is very small, but so is the house it represents.